Early night and difficult day.

Nothing terrible, just dealing with December stuff. A combination of parenting, Christmas, and long-term business decision-making. I have to remind myself that, needless to say, things could always be worse. That being said, time to empty the dishwasher, and hit the sack. Tomorrow is another day.

A mixed bag today on the book sales front.

On the one hand: the ride there was busier than expected, the ride back was hellish*, we had to dump our existing dinner plans entirely, and while I barely sold enough books to make my table fee, said fee was effectively thirty bucks. Oh, and something didn’t happen that I thought might happen. I’m not sure we’re going to vendor these kinds of venues in the future.

On the bright side: the McRib’s back!

Moe Lane

*’Pull the car over and pee at the side of the road’ hellish. I also almost broke my ankle getting out of the car, and wouldn’t that have put a cap on the day.

Tough day today.

A ton of stuff going on, mostly involving educational matters. I pretty much spun my wheels creatively, too. There was never quite enough time to concentrate on anything. Which is annoying.

I’d say I need a vacation, except what I really need is a device that would let me stop time around me for four hours or so. If it recharged every week that would be useful enough, I think.

Not the best month, to be honest.

Nothing really horrible, but lots of external stress and the short story launch frankly flopped. Well, relatively[*]. Between the Kickstarter and what sales there were, I was able to pay for it and some more stuff later in the year, but this has not been a great summer for selling books.

Welp. August in a few days. A new month ahead: Excelsior!

Moe Lane

[*Okay, fine, not at all.]

I just want to reset the whole damn day.

Call it a mulligan or something. A day full of aggravations and annoyances and even the victories are all going to have be done over again tomorrow anyway. Some days are just like that, hey? I’m not even depressed or anything; just annoyed at unproductive the day was.

So, hey! Open thread. Maybe my mood will improve later.

No oomph tonight.

It was a damn long week where I was sole caregiver for most of it.
No complaints; it happens, from time to time. And it also drains, in ways that you don’t notice at the time. I’m actually kind of surprised that I managed to maintain an even strain for most of it.