The Very Seinfeld UNFROSTED trailer.

As somebody has undoubtedly pointed out already, UNFROSTED – a highly inaccurate account of the creation of the Pop-Tart – sounds exactly like the kind of movie that Jerry Seinfeld’s character Jerry Seinfeld would have gotten involved in on the TV show SEINFELD. You keep expecting to hear the scene change music. If Newman isn’t this show at some point I’m going to be really, really disappointed.

I dunno if it’s gonna suck or not. At least it’s different, right? …Or at least it’s the humor of my twenties. That’s not nothing.

Tweet of the Day, I Was Already Going To Go See GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE… edition.

…you don’t have to sell it to me.

The question is, do I see GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE tomorrow, or Sunday?

The ‘INSANELY RACIST’ GOOD TIMES animated reboot.

This GOOD TIMES animated reboot trailer is so incredibly racist, I refuse to put it on my nice, clean website*. It is so incredibly racist, it would make a white supremacist blink and ask, Can you really put that on television these days? It is so incredibly racist, I would not be surprised that this was Norman Lear’s announcing to the world that he had secretly been a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan all his life; and only revealing it now because he’s dead, and thus beyond the realm of human scorn and disapproval. Every human being involved with this production now defaults to Horrible Mode, and should be ashamed of themselves. Or possibly just make plans to retire to a monastery/nunnery, where they may contemplate their sins.

The animation is also shit, but you knew that going in.

Moe Lane

*h ttps:// If you absolutely must see it.

In the (e-)Mail: THE IRON MAIDEN Dark Adventure Radio Theater production.

THE IRON MAIDEN is the HPL Historical Society’s latest Dark Adventure Radio Theater (DART). It’s not based on a Lovecraft story, because they’re out of those; but the good folks of the HPLHS have their little ways to bring something into the Mythos, yes, they do. I’m listening to it right now; the props will come in a few weeks. As always: check it out.

The “Um. Yeah.” MONKEY MAN trailer.

I almost stopped watching the trailer for MONKEY MAN when they start going off on rich people, blah blah, yadda yadda, I’m sorry but Hollywood is not really well-suited for making me believe that they give a flying rip for the underdog. But… there’s a lot of violence in this trailer. A lot of violence, and a lot of blood. This looks more like a monster movie from the point of view of the monster. It might make up for having to sit through a bunch of nonsense about applied economic theory.