The ‘Dracula-flavored’ HOUSE OF DARKNESS DTV trailer.

Actually, HOUSE OF DARKNESS doesn’t look half bad.

I assume from context it’s redoing Jonathan Harker’s visit to Castle Dracula, which is good news for the dumb so-and-so you’re seeing in the preview up there. Harker, after all, got away. I somehow suspect that this guy won’t.

…Man. I get the impression that dating is just so hard, these days.

Via GeekTyrant.

The “Showtime still exists?” LET THE RIGHT ONE IN trailer.

I dunno why I’m surprised, really. I guess it’s just that I haven’t heard from Showtime in a while. I remember it as being a mecca for softcore skin flicks, back in the gauzy, bright-lit days of my teenaged years, but I gather they don’t do that kind of programming anymore. …All those skin flicks are now lost in time, like tears in rain.


Anyway, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN looks pretty good. I wonder if it’s gonna end up streaming somewhere else, eventually?

The MS. MARVEL Honest Trailer.

Honest Trailers didn’t rake MS. MARVEL too much over the coals, but did catch the fast character development and under-development of the villain. On the other hand, they did catch something about Damage Control that I hadn’t (the initials of the organization, and its agents). On the gripping hand, HT missed the chance to point out that the DDC once again demonstrates that Tony Stark is the cause of, and solution to, all of the MCU’s problems…

But they and I liked the show.

Begun, the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3 Leaked Trailer War has.

Mostly fought on YouTube, and savagely enough that at the moment the only clips available of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 3 trailer have been deliberately chopped and filtered. Presumably this is because Disney’s AI isn’t so much being developed as it is being desperately constrained: regular techniques for avoiding takedown notices would ablate under its impersonal, yet brutal gaze. I’m just glad that Disney can’t hack my wetware.


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