They’re gonna make another Monsterverse movie, it seems.

GeekTyrant reports that they’re tapping GODZILLA VS. KONG director Adam Wingard for another monster flick. GeekTyrant also reports that they’re unsure precisely why. To which I have to say: 75/91 on Rotten Tomatoes, and $400 million box office in a world where movie theaters exist in this sort of sporadic, half-alive half-dead state.

Seriously. Rocket science, this ain’t. Of course they’re going to make a sequel! They made one after GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS, and that one bombed among people who weren’t me! Admittedly, they had this flick in the can already, and were just waiting for a moment to uncork it, and it turns out that the first gasping breaths of air after the country thrashes back to the surface of the COVID pool was a wizzo time to light that particular candle.

And how was all of that for a mixed metaphor?


Verdict: not bad, as soon as I internalized that the show deliberately ignored MCU canon, all the way to the last half of the last episode. It was like they had the MCU continuity on a rubber band, and stretched it out alllll the way over there in order to do some specific stuff from the comics. Watching them suddenly release that continuity, snapping everything back to the original shiny-happy timeline, was in its way highly entertaining. I suspect some people ended up being upset at how no ‘greater’ lessons were learned.

All in all, I liked THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER, but you can probably skip it if you don’t want to soak in the MCU.

Well, I should have back reliable Internet now.

Had to upgrade the modem because we had to get a new phone line because the old landline went away. That didn’t require horrific effort; just time. Also, I have basic cable again because it was cheaper that way. My first reaction?

I find this relatively comforting.

Moe Lane

PS: Seriously, is there anyway to archive most of these channels? The menu would be a lot easier to navigate if I had only thirty channels showing up in it.

Tweet of the Day, Be Afraid. Be VERY Afra- WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! RUN! RUN, YOU FOOLS!!!!! edition.

This rarely ends well.

Sony to Netflix to… Mouse.

Ha! Was able to match the original scansion. Anyway: “Disney has set a massive movie licensing pact with Sony Pictures for the U.S. that promises to bring Spider-Man and other Marvel properties to Disney Plus starting with Sonyโ€™s 2022 release slate… The agreement comes on the heels of Sonyโ€™s output deal with Netflix for titles in the lucrative post-theatrical release Pay 1 window.”

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So, they’re adapting WEREWOLVES WITHIN into a movie, and I feel old.

Not so much that they’re making a movie based on a video game…

…but because I had no idea that WEREWOLVES WITHIN existed. It’s a VR game, you see. Admittedly, the kids have a VR rig, but not one for the PS4, so now there’s an entire range of video games out there that I’m mildly clueless about. So: I feel old now.

Moe Lane

PS: What? Oh, I assume that it’ll suck. Video game movies usually do.