Ooh, interesting: Apple TV orders series on Booth manhunt.

This looks interesting:

Apple has ordered the limited series “Manhunt,” which tells the story of the hunt for U.S President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

The series hails from Monica Beletsky and is based on the book “Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer” by James Swanson.

I’ve actually read Manhunt: from what I remember, it’s a pretty good book. Certainly the kind to lend itself to a dramatic retelling of the story, which is pretty much what you want out of a miniseries. And it’s not like actual events weren’t dramatic, from start to finish, either. I might actually make time to watch this.


Tweet of the Day, Watch As Geektyrant Gets Cold-Eyed About The New Fraggle Rock Song edition.

I’m not gonna lie: it’s always fun to see Conquest’s First Law in action. And that new Fraggle Rock song, indeed, sucks.

Whether or not it is the actual new theme song, however, is an open question.

We knew that Nick Cage was playing Dracula in the upcoming movie RENFIELD, right?

I ask only because I can’t find that post anywhere. Anyway, Nick Cage is playing Dracula in the upcoming RENFIELD flick. Funny thing: at first I had that reversed: I thought he was playing Renfield in DRACULA. Which would be, like, more… on point for him, right? It’d be a lot less surprising, is all I’m saying.

This one I assume I’ll see in theaters. I like me some Universal monster movies.

Nothing could POSSIBLY go wrong with this Blockbuster revitalization plan.


Blockbuster DAO is a new social media handle that is trying to generate $5 million to buy the intellectual property rights to the Blockbuster Video brand from Dish Network, its current owner. The plan, according to FX Empire, who first reported the plans (via ComicBook), is to rebuild Blockbuster as a streaming service that they hope will revolutionize the film industry. A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, would run on the Blockchain and automate most decisions, ostensibly putting more power into the hands of viewers to determine the future of licenses and original programming on the streaming service and eliminating human error.

…Nothing, do you hear me? Nothing! This will not somehow result in the destruction of all the Works of Man. The Time of the Dark Machines is not at hand. This is not the prophetic testament that will herald that unholy gestation and grim apotheosis.

Why, the very idea is absurd.


I enjoyed GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE: I have pre-ordered it; and I think that there’s a decent sequel for it in there, too. I do understand why the critics weren’t highly thrilled about it, mind you. It’s a recreation of the original movie, coupled with the cinematic equivalent of literally everybody involved in the project breaking down after the fifth shot of whiskey and sobbing about why did you have to die, Harold? It’s not fair! It was too soon!

…I can see why that might grate on some critics, and I’m not judging them for having that reaction. They get to like what they like. But then, so do I.


SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME didn’t have a good opening, by pandemic standards.

It had an amazing one, by anybody’s:

MONDAY UPDATE, with actuals: Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home became the third biggest global opener of all time this weekend, now with a confirmed $600.8M through Sunday, versus yesterday’s estimate of $587.2M. Crossing the $600M mark makes it only the third film ever to the milestone in a launch frame. The Jon Watts-directed MCU entry is the No. 6 movie of 2021 worldwide (No. 3 for the studios) just from its debut and overtaking all other Marvel pics this year. Topping $600M at open is even more impressive as NWH did it without China, only the second film ever to the six-century mark sans that giant market.

I am personally fine, by the way, with us not taking the PRC’s official numbers into account when determining a movie’s box office. Indeed, when it comes to popular entertainment I would be fine with us not taking the PRC into account at all. It’d be better for everybody, in the long run.