Hrm. Expanded Distribution on Amazon for my books: yea, or nay?

It’s an interesting question. From what I can tell, my options are either to do things like put my books up on Barnes and Noble myself, or let Amazon do it for me. Advantages to the former: more money. Lots more money. Advantages to the latter: I don’t have to reformat all my existing books myself. This stuff is work.


Welp, it was a tough month, sales-wise.

Not gonna lie on that one. Sales went through the floor, in all categories. The good news is that I have four venues in the next few months, starting with the MD Renn Faire in a week. After that, it’s back-to-back cons a month later, and a new one in November. I think that the mix of old and new sites will be good for sales, and of course the new novel is coming out soon.

After that… well, I’ve had good luck with Kickstarters. The trick is to just keep getting on with things.


Got more done today, thank God.

Did a chapter, got wordcount on the novella, managed to keep myself from starting a new novella: I need to designate times in the day where writing happens. It’s as simple as that. …It’s not actually simple, but if it’s going to get done then I need to get it done.

Moe Lane

PS: The mailing list advertising thing… had a 33% ROI. That’s direct sales, though. If everybody who bought MORGAN BAROD in the last week turns around and buys, say, FROZEN DREAMS then we’re doing this again in a few months. In case you haven’t guessed: some of this stuff is complicated.


11 Chapters reviewed, GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND.

That’s about half the book, thank goodness. If I buckle down on it, I can get the revised text to the readers by Friday or Sunday. If you’ve volunteered for that and haven’t heard from me by now, I regret to say that it’s because I haven’t gotten off of my butt yet and emailed anybody back. Flogging myself back into action is one of the things I’m working on, this week.



So, I had a root canal this morning. Buy my books!

…I’m going to blame that title on the endorphins. To misquote somebody or other, there is nothing quite so thrilling as finishing up a procedure where they go deep into your tooth to get all the nerves — and realizing that there was no pain during the procedure. Truly, the state of the art has improved greatly since the days of my youth: back then, ‘root canal’ was a pretty good analogy for ‘torture.’ Or possibly just a euphemism.

Still: buy my books! Root canals are also way cheaper than they used to be, but they still ain’t cheap.

Moe Lane

PS: Posting may still be weird today. I have no idea how I’m going to be feeling when the local anesthesia wears off.


GAAAAH this book.

I have to remind myself that hating your manuscript at this stage of the process is a perfectly natural thing, that many writers do. I’ve been here before. I will be, again. I just want it done

The February Patreon stuff is up!


  • Short Story: Verdict of History. History was deliberately unkind in its verdict, and I fret that I didn’t make it unkind enough. I rarely dislike my own protagonists to the extent that I disliked these two.
  • RPGs: ARTIFACTS, Chapter 3: Artifacts. Yes, very redundant. And a bunch of synonyms for redundant, because who needs to sit through that joke?