11 Chapters reviewed, GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND.

That’s about half the book, thank goodness. If I buckle down on it, I can get the revised text to the readers by Friday or Sunday. If you’ve volunteered for that and haven’t heard from me by now, I regret to say that it’s because I haven’t gotten off of my butt yet and emailed anybody back. Flogging myself back into action is one of the things I’m working on, this week.



So, I had a root canal this morning. Buy my books!

…I’m going to blame that title on the endorphins. To misquote somebody or other, there is nothing quite so thrilling as finishing up a procedure where they go deep into your tooth to get all the nerves — and realizing that there was no pain during the procedure. Truly, the state of the art has improved greatly since the days of my youth: back then, ‘root canal’ was a pretty good analogy for ‘torture.’ Or possibly just a euphemism.

Still: buy my books! Root canals are also way cheaper than they used to be, but they still ain’t cheap.

Moe Lane

PS: Posting may still be weird today. I have no idea how I’m going to be feeling when the local anesthesia wears off.


GAAAAH this book.

I have to remind myself that hating your manuscript at this stage of the process is a perfectly natural thing, that many writers do. I’ve been here before. I will be, again. I just want it done

The February Patreon stuff is up!


  • Short Story: Verdict of History. History was deliberately unkind in its verdict, and I fret that I didn’t make it unkind enough. I rarely dislike my own protagonists to the extent that I disliked these two.
  • RPGs: ARTIFACTS, Chapter 3: Artifacts. Yes, very redundant. And a bunch of synonyms for redundant, because who needs to sit through that joke?

Been working out projects for the first half of 2023 today.

I mostly concentrated on looking into whether I can put together another chapbook: it turns out, I can. Between the two Kindle Vella stories (which I can publish on KDP, after thirty days*) an older story, and something I did last fall, I have a good 60K words there. More than usual! I’m waiting to hear back from an artist before putting together a draft for revisions/edits/so forth.

As for the next novel? Yeah, I’m mucking about with that after dinner. I probably will rechapter the text tonight, then start growing literary connective tissue. I feel a lot better about this project, now. You gotta do the work.

December goal: 45 book sales!

If I manage that, I should be able to say that I’ve made an average of $500/per year from Amazon sales of my books since I started up on this. What does that mean, in the larger scheme of things? …Honestly, not that much. I’ve had a really good year generally already. But the overarching goal here is to achieve a revenue stream that will let me publish at least one novel a year on my own; and to do that, I need to hustle. This is part of the hustle.

So. Buy my books! They make awesome Christmas gifts.

Moe Lane

PS: I also need to start up a store in 2023 that will let me sell people signed copies of my books. For that I’m gonna need to do some research, though. I don’t have the money to pay somebody to do it for me.