So, what’s the best e-commerce credit card reader for your phone?

It looks like I’m maybe vending at Galactic Con after all, so I need a card reader (unless I was planning to do it all cash, which I am not). I also need a banner and some actual books to sell, but that’s easy enough to arrange. Do I want the Square, the Paypal, or something else?

Moe Lane

Book of the Week: Geez. Something that’s *not* $11.99 on Kindle, I guess?

…Look, I’m sorry. You cannot expect to charge paperback prices for something made digitally and not have people look at you all cross-eyed. I self-publish books now. I have at least a limited understanding of publishing costs. If you’re an author and they’re telling you the only way to make back expenses is to charge that much for the Amazon e-book, see if you can figure out where they’re skimming money off of the top*.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s also hurting (most of) your sales.

*Spoiler alert: everywhere. They’re skimming it everywhere.

I have a Patreon , not a Substack, and it’s close to a new tier.

Frank Fleming‘s setting up a free Substack for his science fiction stuff, and that’s sensible of him: when you self-publish, you gotta do your own advertising. Yay. I’m not doing a Substack, though, because I already have a Patreon and it’s pretty close to the next tier (weekly serial fiction installments).

The link is below. Please note that I am not asking for people to up their pledges: I have a $1 buy-in, because I’d rather have ten people giving me a buck a month than one person giving me ten. Also note that I’ve revamped the goals and added some different writing samples. Send the link to your friends!


Moe Lane

Pre-orders for TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION close Friday! Book’s in print!

I went through last night and stomped typos left and right, took a deep breath, and pulled the trigger. I’ve looked at TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION easily for long enough that the words are just random jumbles of letters on the page who’s gonna buy this, man, but every author does that with every book they write. The important thing is, now you can BUY it.

Also: the pre-order store’s closing Friday. Now is the time to get those signed copies.

09/13/2020 Update, DUTIES Project.

13,140/32,000 Words.

Worked on: The Fight in the Grove

DUTIES is going to be four previously published stories: “Processing Duty,” “The Fight In the Grove,” “Frogman Prince,” and (my personal favorite) “Meatbags.” I was originally going to type “published on Patreon,” but since all the magazines out there insist on treating them as bloody reprints they can damn well not be hyphenated-published stories. Fair’s fair.

A bit of a taste:

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