Been working out projects for the first half of 2023 today.

I mostly concentrated on looking into whether I can put together another chapbook: it turns out, I can. Between the two Kindle Vella stories (which I can publish on KDP, after thirty days*) an older story, and something I did last fall, I have a good 60K words there. More than usual! I’m waiting to hear back from an artist before putting together a draft for revisions/edits/so forth.

As for the next novel? Yeah, I’m mucking about with that after dinner. I probably will rechapter the text tonight, then start growing literary connective tissue. I feel a lot better about this project, now. You gotta do the work.

December goal: 45 book sales!

If I manage that, I should be able to say that I’ve made an average of $500/per year from Amazon sales of my books since I started up on this. What does that mean, in the larger scheme of things? …Honestly, not that much. I’ve had a really good year generally already. But the overarching goal here is to achieve a revenue stream that will let me publish at least one novel a year on my own; and to do that, I need to hustle. This is part of the hustle.

So. Buy my books! They make awesome Christmas gifts.

Moe Lane

PS: I also need to start up a store in 2023 that will let me sell people signed copies of my books. For that I’m gonna need to do some research, though. I don’t have the money to pay somebody to do it for me.


Tales From the Fermi Resolution: Vol. 1: Shadow of the Tower is on Kindle Super-Sale!

Tales From the Fermi Resolution: Vol. 1: Shadow of the Tower is only 99 cents for the next week! Set in the same world as FROZEN DREAMS and MORGAN BAROD, this sprawling anthology stretches over 900 years of future post-apocalyptic fantasy history! There are ten stories, including several never before published; and, for fans of FROZEN DREAMS, there’s a new novelette starring Tom Vargas. You won’t need it to appreciate the upcoming TINSEL RAIN, but it won’t hurt!


Announcement: the TINSEL RAIN Kickstarter will take place on March 1st.

Happy New Year!

I am pleased to announce that with the new year will come TINSEL RAIN, the sequel to my first novel FROZEN DREAMS. Set in the magical Kingdom of New California, Tom Vargas is back, and trying to Clear a Case full of dead mages, exploding artifacts, murky motivations, and rampaging constructs. Oh, and the Universal Dominion’s sent a new ambassador. That’s always fun.

The Kickstarter starts March first: further details will be given, closer to the date. I can say that the cover’s done and the first draft has been sent to the alpha reader. This book is coming out this year, knock on wood and the creek don’t rise. The Kickstarter is just going to help determine when TINSEL RAIN comes out this year.

Hope to see you on March 1st! …And before then, too. Obviously.


Working on Spreadsheets for TINSEL RAIN.

Short version: I gotta up the budget for having my books edited. As in, it is a matter of personal honor. Alas, that will absolutely push the publishing schedule for TINSEL RAIN back to the end of December 2022, so if I want to publish it earlier I’m gonna need to track down alternate funding*. That probably means another Kickstarter, in 1Q 2022.

Alternatively, I could sell a few hundred more copies of my books between now and the end of the year. That would do the trick too, hopefully. I don’t like going too often to the Kickstarter well.

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