Hrm. Expanded Distribution on Amazon for my books: yea, or nay?

It’s an interesting question. From what I can tell, my options are either to do things like put my books up on Barnes and Noble myself, or let Amazon do it for me. Advantages to the former: more money. Lots more money. Advantages to the latter: I don’t have to reformat all my existing books myself. This stuff is work.


5 thoughts on “Hrm. Expanded Distribution on Amazon for my books: yea, or nay?”

  1. DIY.
    You get the pride of accomplishment, and more money.
    What’s not to love?

    (Yes, I have a long list of things I’m eventually going to get around to doing.)

    1. I’ll take counterpoint.

      Let Amazon do it for you.

      These are existing works, you add little value from the time spent reformatting.. arguably less value than if you spent the same time on the Bethesda game Starwhatsis..

      The value to you is wider audience, and more sales of the next book.. not a few more sales of past works.

      Of course, I’m not you; that’s just how I see it.


  2. …and I’ll offer synthesis. Do the math. Get a rough idea in your head of how much time it’s going to take to do this stuff. Get a rough estimate of how much extra money you’ll get from doing this stuff. Figure out the hourly rate. Is it worth it for you to do that work at that hourly rate?

    1. Expanded synthesis…. After calculating the above, is this a project that one of the little Moes would be willing to tackle (and could be trusted to tackle) for a cut?


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