Oh, yeah, I also locked down some details about future conventions.

Got the info pack for Stellar Con York next weekend, and confirmed that I’d be doing the MD Renn Festival on October 12th. Also had to order a bunch of books for the latter one, which reminds me: buy some, will ya? Stock is what you’d call speculative*; if they don’t sell, it ties up some of my liquidity.

Moe Lane

*I had a helpful object lesson in that regard when I started vending my books. I was talking to one guy who had bought a lot of copies of his novel, on the assumption that he would need them to sell and distribute. It… did not happen, and now the inventory was a problem.

I’ve been keeping my stock under tight control ever since.


2 thoughts on “Oh, yeah, I also locked down some details about future conventions.”

  1. Counterpoint:

    Stock may be illiquid, but it is an investment in YOURSELF.

    Get that large print run now and then you control the valuable first edition market in the future, and all that sweet gain is yours and not book pickers or estate vultures.

    Plus, it gives the work time to mature and gain the tactile and intangible aspects of an old book, something print on demand just can’t.

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