My Stellar Con table location!

At some point, I need to sit down and try to figure out if I’m getting good table assignments, or not. Somebody must have worked out the best table location to have at these things by now, right? I mean, money’s involved. Money is a powerful incentive.

Stellar Con will be on November 19th, in Bel Air, MD. It will likely be my last convention of 2022. Stop on by, buy a book or eight!

Stellar Con on November 19th!

Stellar Con will probably be my last convention of the year – I haven’t found a good Christmas venue that doesn’t want half my blood and a gryphon’s egg for a vendor’s fee – so if you’re in Bel Air, MD on November 19th, check in and stop by. I’ll have my new novel TINSEL RAIN and chapbook DUTIES available, as well as the rest of my books. Come on in – and if you’ve already bought one of my books, bring it along and I’ll sign it for you. Then I’ll waggle my eyebrows and look meaningfully at my other books until you take the hint and buy one of those, too.


Stellar Con in a month!

Need to check on my table, but: I’ll be at Stellar Con in a month, selling my books! …After that, my schedule is kind of up in the air. Haven’t heard anything about Washingcon, and I won’t be doing either Farpoint or Balticon next year. The brutal truth of it is, I need to make back my table fees, and I didn’t for either convention. The comic-cons have a better track record for vendors, honestly.

Suggestions for other venues in Maryland welcome.