The latest installment of THE BOLD MARAUDER is up!

And getting this done was ‘heroic effort’ territory. My eldest needed my help this afternoon, you see. Something he ordered turned out to have ‘some assembly required,’ which meant trips to get things like epoxy — and debonding agents. I’m lucky that I got anything done today.

Anyway: the latest installment of THE BOLD MARAUDER. Enjoy!

So. The official changes to the Patreon.

I’ve decided to keep the video, for now. I need to work on the Kickstarter video anyway. There are going to be two major changes, going forward:

  • The Collections feature is going to get a heavier workout. In particular, my RPG materials are going to get collated so that people can actually access them easily. I’ll also be collating the short stories that I’ve been writing for the world of GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND, because that’s overdue.
  • But the big thing is this: I’m committing to regular installments of THE BOLD MARAUDER. It is going to be paywalled, but it’s a buck. I want to see how much I can sustain a month, but I think that a monthly installment around the middle of the month is doable. We’ll see how it goes.

That’s mostly it. It will still cost only a buck to join up, and I hope that people do!