The TRAIL OF CTHULHU Humble Bundle.

This is a good deal. I’m only not grabbing it because I pretty much have all of these in print already. If you haven’t tried the game yet, I recommend picking this up, then decide if you’ll be doing the ToC Second Edition Kickstarter as well…

Second edition TRAIL OF CTHULHU is coming.

November Kickstarter, if it all works out.

No drastic changes to the rules, but they’re cleaning them up, updating the campaign setting frames and creating a new introductory adventure. It’s definitely something to look forward to. I wonder if they’ll need playtesters…


Pelgrane Press’s latest.

FEARFUL SYMMETRIES lets you play as English magicians in the interwar period who are trying to establish a perfect land, based on the mystical theories of William Blake. Alas, this is a campaign set in the Cthulhu Mythos, so it’s probably all going to go horribly wrong. Or worse: horribly right. That’s often even more fun.

Looks like it’ll be a good read. Maybe some day I’ll even get to run a game in it! Probably a con game; that’s usually my best bet for horror RPG playing.

Tweet/Ad of the Day, I Keep Trying To Pull It Through The Screen edition.

Pretty. Also: squamous.

Hideous Creatures isn’t out yet, which is probably for the best, because I may or may not have blown my accumulated Christmas/birthday money in one fell swoop and couldn’t afford it anyway. Still. The bestiary entries in Trail of Cthulhu games are fascinating, not to mention often providing a spark of inspiration.

In the mail: Cthulhu City.

So pretty. And shiny!

Cthulhu City is one of Pelgrane Press’s supplements for Trail of Cthulhu, and it’s rather good.  I know this because I got the PDF ahead of the print book, and I’ve read it already.  It’s packed full of Lovecraftian goodness, all mixed in an excellent mix that works well for an urban campaign.  Plus, I like Pelgrane’s design aesthetic when it comes to Trail of Cthulhu. Very elegant and high-toned.

Looks like @PelgranePress’s Cthulhu City is finally out.

Time to make what Charlie Ross calls a save vs. shiny roll:

…Oh, who am I kidding? Cthulhu City is precisely the sort of Trail of Cthulhu supplement that I’d buy on sight, and Pelgrane Press knows it. There was never any hope for me. Save yourself!

Moe Lane

PS: Basically, it looks like they’re combining Cthulhu, urban noir, and probably Lovecraft’s deep-seated loathing of any city that wasn’t Providence into one big, happy pile. Fun!

Bundle of Holding with old and new Trail of Cthulhu offers.

They offered the first Trail of Cthulhu (1930s GUMSHOE Cthulhu RPG) a few years back, and now they’re reanimating it; and they’ve also added a new Bundle. I pretty much own everything in either bundle – Pelgrane makes good games – and I can say honestly that they’re worth the money you’d spend to get them in PDF. Eternal Lies alone is one of those campaign books that you approach with a certain amount of awe. So check ’em out.

I have been remiss about the Trail of Cthulhu Bundle of Holding.

The only reason I haven’t bought that particular collection of roleplaying game e-books is because I already own it all. Except maybe the music.  The important thing, though, is that all of the Trail of Cthulhu books listed there are excellent and they’re based around a rules-set that revolves around investigation and mystery solving the same way that other games revolve around combat. Worth your time to pick up on the cheap.

In the mail: The Armitage Files.

It’s a campaign book, more or less, for Trail of Cthulhu (which is, of course, a game of 1930s-era Cthulhu Mythos roleplaying): I’ve wanted it for my collection for some time.  As always, I’d like to thank my readers for buying it for me: I’m not exactly sure why I get to have my completely frivolous hobbies partially subsidized, but it’s greatly appreciated.