The TORG ESSENTIALS and TORG COSMS 2 Bundles of Holding.

I never got to play TORG in first edition, and after I picked up TORG ESSENTIALS in the Kickstarter I never got to play that, too. And now, here we are, with the TORG COSMS 2 Bundle of Holding.

Yeah, we all know how this ends. I dunno. Maybe I can play it in Heaven, or something? That would actually be rather… nice. Sounds a bit better wandering around on a cloud, with a harp I can’t play.

The HYPERBOREA 3E Bundle of Holding.

I am mildly surprised that I missed HYPERBOREA 3E when it hit Kickstarter. It is extremely retro, all the way back to pre-AD&D D&D, and deep into Lovecraft, Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, etc, etc, etc. Thirteen bucks seemed like a reasonable price, especially since all the artwork is likewise going to be a nostalgia-driven return to your childhood, when all the gamebooks had staples and colored illustrations were a pointless luxury in the interior pages. Check it out.

The ARC DREAM MYTHOS Bundle of Holding.

I already have most of the stuff in the ARC DREAM MYTHOS Bundle of Holding, although having those back copies of THE UNSPEAKABLE OATH available digitally appeals to me, too. Thirteen bucks is a good deal, if you like Cthulhu Mythos gaming. I need to get in on another game of those; CoC is one of the ones that I mostly play at cons*.

Moe Lane

*I still remember fondly the space scenario where I was playing the android, and I actually got away with blowing up the station when it was clear that there was no way to salvage the situation. I even got to tell one PC, Why should I condemn billions of people to madness and death, just to give you thirty more seconds of life? — which was obscurely satisfying, because a lot of modern Mythos fiction likes to go the other way, in the end. I’m a bit more of a Lovecraftian purist, honestly; you die and it’s ultimately pointless, but you do get to see off the monster first.

Two days left on the Hillfolk Bundle of Holding.

I’m not getting HILLFOLK because I backed the Kickstarter, way back when. Basically, the game is for roleplaying interpersonal conflict in a particular group of people; it is redeemed from being tiresome by the fact that Robin Laws is a no-fooling genius when it comes to game design. If you’re looking for something new — well, it’s a Bundle of Holding, so you can pick up a lot of PDFs on the cheap.

The GURPS HORROR Bundle of Holding.

Lot of good stuff in this Bundle of Holding, up to and including GURPS Horror (Fourth edition) itself. Steve Jackson Games has gone four editions of that particular sourcebook, and every single one of them was actually justified: the Third Edition in particular had a very interesting campaign setting that had to be cut to make way for stuff in the Fourth edition. Fortunately, they expanded the setting and turned it into GURPS Horror: The Madness Dossier, which is also available in this Bundle of Holding and well worth your time to peruse.

Also, the bibliographies you’ll find in each edition of GURPS Horror are invaluable, particularly if you’re trying to build a library. The only reason I’d argue against buying these in PDFs is because the ones that also have print versions are worth picking up that way.


GURPS stuff on Bundle of Holding.

GURPS 4E Essentials, GURPS 4E Fantasy, and GURPS 4E Space. I can recommend the game line: I have all of the stuff available in print, of course, and most of the PDF-only materials. Even at forty bucks for the extended deal it’s good value for the money. You’ve got a few weeks to acquire them, although the extended deal price will only go up…

The Shadowrun Sixth World Essentials Bundle of Holding.

You would think I would have played Shadowrun more – or, indeed, at all. Elves-and-Orcs cyberpunk sounds right up my alley. But for some reason the best I’ve ever been able to do is buy a couple of the books, and play the video games. The isomorphic ones, I mean. At any rate: Shadowrun Sixth World Essentials is the new Bundle of Holding. May you succeed where I failed.

THE ESOTERRORISTS Bundle of Holding.

I’m not in on this because I already have all of THE ESOTERRORISTS, which is Pelgrane Press’s innovative GUMSHOE game of investigating occult horrors and opposing the vilest of cults. Actually, let me check… yup. Got all of them. Well, except for the music. I usually don’t get the soundtracks.

Anyway, this is a good game that thinks about how sensible secret societies fighting vicious terrors might go about making sure their operatives remain sane, discreet, and effective. One does not ‘cowboy’ an Esoterrorist mission, in other words. Or, at least, one does not do so twice. I recommend picking up this Bundle of Holding.

The last hours of the TENTACLES 6 Bundle of Holding.

This is actually a pretty good deal. I have Hideous Creatures already, but the Apocthulhu supplements look pretty good and you only need to buy one of these to justify picking up the whole collection. Besides, I have limited room left for physical books.

But only hours remain!