The GURPS HORROR Bundle of Holding.

Lot of good stuff in this Bundle of Holding, up to and including GURPS Horror (Fourth edition) itself. Steve Jackson Games has gone four editions of that particular sourcebook, and every single one of them was actually justified: the Third Edition in particular had a very interesting campaign setting that had to be cut to make way for stuff in the Fourth edition. Fortunately, they expanded the setting and turned it into GURPS Horror: The Madness Dossier, which is also available in this Bundle of Holding and well worth your time to peruse.

Also, the bibliographies you’ll find in each edition of GURPS Horror are invaluable, particularly if you’re trying to build a library. The only reason I’d argue against buying these in PDFs is because the ones that also have print versions are worth picking up that way.


2 thoughts on “The GURPS HORROR Bundle of Holding.”

  1. There are books I prefer to have as physical copies. There are things I am very glad to have as digital copies and even prefer to use them that way.

    There are no books I have in physical copies that I don’t appreciate having a digital copy for as well, though sometimes not at the price point offered for what is essentially a duplicate in a separate media format.

    Related, but definitely separate topic:
    I have often thought that current approach to putting RPG adventures in a digital format as a pdf or epub format really misses out on the advantages and options that could be available for using the material digitally while running a game. From layout, to cross linking, to flow diagrams, to pop up material with mouse hover, to many more — I would like to see a standard format and tool offering (i.e. presumably an html layout, but open to other tools) for doing presenting adventures in a digital format that caters to how game masters use the material in game play.

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