The ARC DREAM MYTHOS Bundle of Holding.

I already have most of the stuff in the ARC DREAM MYTHOS Bundle of Holding, although having those back copies of THE UNSPEAKABLE OATH available digitally appeals to me, too. Thirteen bucks is a good deal, if you like Cthulhu Mythos gaming. I need to get in on another game of those; CoC is one of the ones that I mostly play at cons*.

Moe Lane

*I still remember fondly the space scenario where I was playing the android, and I actually got away with blowing up the station when it was clear that there was no way to salvage the situation. I even got to tell one PC, Why should I condemn billions of people to madness and death, just to give you thirty more seconds of life? — which was obscurely satisfying, because a lot of modern Mythos fiction likes to go the other way, in the end. I’m a bit more of a Lovecraftian purist, honestly; you die and it’s ultimately pointless, but you do get to see off the monster first.