‘Cry Little Sister.’

As you may have gathered, there has been a certain amount of listening to iconic music from the 1980s lately. I forget where somebody mentioned that this is perfect for what I’m working on, but it’s true: it IS perfect.

Cry Little Sister, Gerald Mcmann


  • bensdad00 says:

    Horn tooting. I mentioned it, Video Killed the Radio Star thread.

  • bennamc says:

    Quick question just how old should you be now to consider the “80’s as part of “your childhood” or “growing up”? I’m fifty and I straddle the 70’s and 80’s. I entered high school in 1980 so am I child of the 70’s or the 80’s? Too young to really remember the 70’s as a whole and for most of the 80’s I was an adult. I seem to find it very annoying to listen to people in their 30’s talk about their nostalgia for the 80’s. Not sure if it’s just me being to annoyed or if they’re claiming something that isn’t actually theirs to claim as nostalgia.

    • JustDave says:

      There’s probably enough Brat Pack movie soundtracks to qualify as its own subgenre. <a

  • Luke says:

    The only downside with that album are the jokes where the word “your” is substituted for the word “the” in the iconic Elton John/George Michael duet.

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