‘Rock The Casbah.’

This was playing at the gas station as I was filling the gas tank on my wife’s car.  And I am easily old enough to no longer give a tinker’s dam if people see me rocking along to the music of my youth. So there.

Rock The Casbah, The Clash


  • Jeff Weimer says:

    Yeah, we’re about the same age.
    This was a staple on early MTV. Mostly because they didn’t have much to show.

    • Jeff Weimer says:

      TBF, I never gave a damn when this song came on.

    • RangerSG says:

      I think I realized I really was a rocker when this song went from, “I can’t understand a word he’s saying,” to…”Why did anyone find this hard to follow?” 😛
      And no. I will not hide when epic 80s songs come on. The ‘ironic’ 90s music with its corporate alternative bands (which may be the only irony of the 90s) can only hope to wish it was this fun.

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