Tonight is the last night of Weird Al’s tour…

…and if you missed it, I am legitimately sorry to hear that.  It has been, honestly, a triumph for Weird Al; by all accounts, he is honestly surprised that people would flock to hear songs like “The Night Santa Went Crazy” or “Your Horoscope For Today.” But we did. And it was worth driving in the snow at night in Washington DC to go see.


Very little else is.

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  • Finrod says:

    I was at a panel featuring Steve Ritchie, designer of such notable pinball machines as Flash, Black Knight, High Speed, Black Knight 2000, Star Trek: Th Next Generation, and most recently, AC/DC and the newest Star Wars pins. The discussion turned to the recent spate of rock band pinball machines (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rolling Stones, KISS) and he mentioned that what he wanted to do was a Led Zeppelin pinball machine, but they hadn’t been able to get the license. He wasn’t interested in doing any recent bands (understandable, he’s 68 and his hearing is not what it was), though.

    So I shouted from the back: “Weird Al Yankovic!”

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