Video from Chesley Sullenberger’s first public comments.

As Hot Air notes, a man of few words. Their video doesn’t seem happy to work here, so below is a YouTube of his comments.

Check out the Hot Air link for his wife’s comments, which are very good.

Modest, well-spoken, authentic, unassuming. Decent-looking without looking blow-dried. Old enough to be distinguished, young enough to still seem vigorous. Demonstrated ability to think quickly and well under pressure, combined with an “uncritical willingness to accept danger,” as The Right Stuff put it.

Word on the net is that he’s a Republican, and even pro-life. We’d need confirmation of that, of course.

Lives in CA-11, which has a Cook rating of R+3. Pombo’s old seat; lost it in Great Republican Shellacking I. We didn’t exactly put up a stellar candidate in Great Republican Shellacking II.

Those who have eyes, let them see. Particularly if you’re involved in the California Republican Party.

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