(Belated) Investiture poem.

What I’ve spent the morning fixing up.

A feast will stand or fall / On strength of pillars twain;
The food, all will recall, / Though cooking is in vain
If none may savor of / The marvels of the feast
From lack of page to serve. / The labor is not least
Of carriers of food / To eager gentles’ plate;
Their service is a good / Their contributions, great.

And so it is the task / When comes it time to find
New stewards, wise ones ask / The ones who come to mind
When “service” is the goal / And touchstone one would use
To ward Carillion’s soul; / The gentles we would choose
Would be the ones who shine / In hidden places, too;
So let us drink and dine, / And ring the Bell anew.

Written by Lord Morgan O’Lathlann in congratulations to Baron Cosmo of Carillion and Baron Mistress Kis Maria for their investiture as Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Carillion. The style is in rhymed iambic hexameter.

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