[UPDATED] It has been suggested that my advertising strategy is over-subtle.

[UPDATE]: I should have thought of this first, but Constant Reader Matt was too fast on the draw for me:

This would be impressive, if true: virtually nothing else about me is. But, just on the off-chance… Amazon is doing Video on Demand here.

…OK, actually, hold up for a second. This Kings show: is it any good?  I understand that its got an entire Old Testament David/Saul vibe going, which is an argument in its favor.

Anyway: there’s the Amazon thing up there; there’s the BlogAds thing that I’m signed up for over there; and of course there’s the Laptop Drive…

…which I am sure that all of you are well tired of hearing about.

There. Now I can go back to nattering on.


  • Cameron says:

    I have actually seen the pilot episode of Kings and came away with a mixed opinion. The storyline is intriguing and it’s nice to see a major network take a chance on something like this. The pacing is good and the world itself is fairly believable.

    But there are a few moments in watching it where you say to yourself “Ah. I think I know what the biases in the writers are at this point.”

  • BigGator5 says:

    I like Kings. While you can draw parallels to politics of today, it doesn’t feel forced or without merit for the world it takes place in. It is by no means over the top or insulting. I would recommend Kings to anyone who wants to be entertain by a very intelligent show.

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