I may actually have to pick this game up.

Disturbing final song and everything.

I mean, Portal’s
bloody cheap now. Of course, so was Tomb Raider Anniversary, and that might take me a while to run through. I think that this is the secret: wait until the cool games are sufficiently old enough that you can buy them for cheap and play them on obsolete computers.

Hey: I’m lame. I admit it.

Moe Lane


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  • Joshua says:

    Portal is made by Valve, one of the best PC game producers. I recently bought Portal and can say it’s well worth the money. I purchased mine in “The Orange Box,” which is a collection of the best of Valve. I highly recommend it if you’re anything more than a casual gamer. That, and Portal ties into the Half-Life series.

  • Neil Stevens says:

    I was unspoiled on the song until I played the game. Well worth it.

    *pauses to play the video, despite having the song on iTunes and the iPod, despite knowing every word of the song, and despite wanting to get some work done*

    I’m just glad the game works even if you haven’t played Half Life, because Half Life 2 does *not* work if you haven’t played Half Life.

  • Neil Stevens says:

    In fact I might be more inclined to play a Half Life 3 if GlaDOS is still alive, and I get a portal gun to go with my gravity gun.

  • Skip says:

    I’m actually working my way through Half Life again, well, Half Life Source, which is Half Life ported to the HL2 engine, as something to play on my shiny new computer. I pretty much consider HL to be the height of first person shooters and it’s all been basically downhill since then.

  • Joshua says:

    If you look in the credits, the voice of the female Overwatch voice is the same as that of GlaDOS.

    I never played Half-Life, I just read the Wikipedia plot summary.

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