Roxana Saberi *almost* extracted from Iran.

“Unlike her original trial, the legal process this time was arranged to appear fair and open, says the BBC’s Jon Leyne.”

With any luck, she’ll be out of there by the middle of the week.

Iran ‘to release’ reporter Saberi

An court in Iran has cut US-Iranian reporter Roxana Saberi’s jail sentence to two years suspended, and will free her later on Monday, her lawyer says.

The court heard Ms Saberi’s appeal against her original eight-year prison sentence on Sunday, after an international outcry.

See also the Telegraph, New York Times, & Hot Air. Background here. I have some comments on this story, but I think that I’ll save for them for after I hear that the woman is out of… that country, and back in the United States.

Moe Lane

PS: We should see the ‘anonymous’ leak from the State Department talking about everything that the White House did to free this woman by Wednesday.

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