…and the horse you rode in on, Xykon.

The best part of this?

Third level spellNo saving throw for the item.


Moe Lane

PS: If you’re confused, start here and work your way through.


  • matt says:

    Very good plan, and with Red Cloak fleeing there is a very good chance he won’t be able to make a new one.

  • Neil Stevens says:

    That paladin can’t play Go very well, but he has heart.

    Yes, he left FAR too many weaknesses against the monster, who was playing like a beginner, far too solidly. Well, that big black blob was more childlike play than just beginner play, even.

    If you’re going to join him in overconcentrating in that corner of the board, don’t leave him so many cutting points to attack!

    With white to play even, I suspect the corner still lives, which is a terrible result for white. White has to defend at the 2-6 point on the left, then black gets to attack up top, probably by cutting on the second line, which threatens a throw-in and capture of the whole top group. White can try for a ko but black is so solid that he probably has no threats.

    Alternately the upper left dies but black gets to have his way in the upper right.

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