Shorter AC Kleinheider: don’t primary Jim Cooper (D, TN), fools!

Progressives are to keep their mouths collectively shut, accept that Jim Cooper is to do whatever he feels like doing on the health care rationing bill, and do something useful with their time, like toil in state legislature elections to set up conditions where the possibility of finding a potentially progressive replacement for Jim Cooper upon his eventual retirement may be considered.

The nerve of them expecting anything otherwise.

Moe Lane

PS: Via Instapundit.

PPS: TN-05 is only a D+3 district, by the way. Which is why the NRCC is now actively recruiting for that one.

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  • Brian says:

    Cooper’s my congressman. Not by choice. I wouldn’t vote him in as dog catcher but he knows the racket in Tennessee. He’s a liberal democrat who talks fiscal conservatism when it suits his purpose. He stands more of a threat from the right than the left assuming Tennessee Republicans could find someone not born with a silver spoon up their ass to run against him. Cooper has completely caved on his promises of fiscal responsibility after flip-flopping on the stimulus bills and is in the vice now because he wants to support socialized healthcare but knows he’ll be thrown out on his banjo if he does.

    Having said that, for a paid “blogger” Klanheider is an anti-semitic bigot who still calls townhall protesters “teabaggers” and I never cease to be amazed at how people like Glenn Reynolds constantly give him favorable play.

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