Some more NY-23 links.

It’s going to be a busy few days, up in NY-23. Some of the stuff that’s of interest:

  • PJTV discusses Tea Parties, third parties, and the NY-23 race. Glenn Reynolds, Bill Whittle and Dana Loesch are actually all in agreement that the first creating the second would not be the optimal response right now; what’s better would be that making sure that politicians stop getting to run unopposed in primaries and general elections. (I agree.)
  • Dan Riehl (via Instapundit) wants to point out that the national GOP organizations didn’t pick Scozzafava; the local one did, and the long-term answer is to get actual conservatives in those positions of authority. (I agree: we always need more precinct committeemen.)
  • Jim Geraghty notices one of those odd coincidences, in the process of noting that Scozzafava happened to probably violate state law in filing a false police report.
  • R.S. McCain’s gone to New York. So has Dick Armey.
  • And… there are rumors.

That last one I don’t know if I buy. Yet.

Moe Lane

PS: Doug Hoffman for Congress.

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