FrankJ on yesterday’s elections.

There is a certain amount of snark in this comment – gee, you think? – but it does lead to a question:

Anyway, the main message of the election was Obama sucks and is stupid and everyone now hates him. Obama campaigned in both Virginia and New Jersey, and the Democrats lost hugely in both (well, by 18 points in Virginia, and 4 points in New Jersey which is huge when you consider how blue that state is and how much money Corzine spent). Obama didn’t campaign in NY23 (instead he sent the charismatic powerhouse Joe Biden), and the Democrat won. Lesson learned: If Obama offers to campaign for you, tell him you have swine flu and he should stay away.

Why was it that the two races that the President most directly involved himself in were the two races where said involvement had no effect on the final results? Neither FrankJ nor I really think that ‘everyone now hates’ the administration; but if the President’s intervention had any positive results in NJ or VA neither of us caught it, and we’re both experienced political junkies. So what happened?

Moe Lane

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  • MotherRedDog says:

    Maybe that’s the only way you can get Obama’s attention….ignore him. Let’s hope it works.

  • oLD gUY says:

    People voted for Obama because he is black and at the time did not sound toxic like Jackson did. I think most Americans were (and still are) desperate to put our ugly past behind us and were seeking absolution. I can sympathize with that, but it doesn’t make for good policy. It also doesn’t translate into much in the way of coattails.

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