New White House strategy: Sauve Qui Peut.

Oh, this should be fun:

Plouffe stepping up role as adviser to White House

David Plouffe, the man who managed President Barack Obama’s campaign, will be taking on an expanded role as an outside adviser to the White House, according to sources familiar with the plan, a move that comes just days after a stunning defeat for Democrats in a Massachusetts Senate special election.

And why is it fun? Because as the Fix kind of notes, Plouffe’s relevant career can be summed up by two iterations of ‘OfA:’

  • Obama for America.  A group dedicated to electing Barack Obama President.  Accomplishments: the nomination and election of a single-term Senator with no executive experience President of the United States, in the face of both primary and general election opposition.
  • Organizing for America.  A group dedicated to championing and popularizing the legislative and executive achievements of the Democratic party.  Accomplishments: two words, one of which is ‘jack.’

So… the White House is bringing in a guy that’s good at running a group that makes one other guy look good, and who is involved with a group that is noticeably bad at making a political party look good.  And who has wasted no time whatsoever in telling members of said political party to simply intensify what they’re doing, now.

I repeat: oh, this should be fun.

Moe Lane

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4 thoughts on “New White House strategy: Sauve Qui Peut.”

  1. All a community organizer knows is community organizing … Rabble rousing, causing trouble all for himself …

    And America wants leadership, one of the hardest things for a community organizer to do, so said Alinsky. He forgot to mention that to Obama.

    As Rush said, Obama is a should-a could-a would-a kind of guy. NOT a leader.

  2. Public relations and process tweaking are all the substance-less Dems can do—Obama-Lite is going to be rebrewed as Obama-Dark Beer?

    Rebranding is going to turn around what is now incredible buyer’s remorse among independents and Dems of a blue dog stripe?

    It reminds me of Nancy Pelosi in ’06 consulting with a Cal Berkeley witch doctor who wanted to name the Dems’ Congressional takeover “Contractr On America.” She was and remains that dumb, without a clue that the Dem’s Contract is killing America economically.

    And for the first time, I think Obama is almost deliberately about to turn a disaster into a catastrophe for the Dems—or else he is suicidally stupid to demagogue Wall Street when its Big Government the majority of voters is terrified about.

    Welcome back, Carter!

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