When I was a kid, I always wanted to learn how: never got around to it.

That’s from Tap, and it’s 20 years old, depressingly. I remember seeing Sammy Davis Jr a few years before his death at a video awards show for something or other: they had just seen some younger folks perform, and it was his turn. The camera panned back, he looked down at his feet – and shouted down at them “WE’RE GONNA DANCE NOW!”  And damned if he didn’t.

That’s it.  I needed a break, and this will do.

Moe Lane

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  • RoseDanna says:

    Sammy, Gregory Hines, Bojangles were all great dancers. Micheal Jackson obviously learned from these people by watching their moves.

    Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly were two different type of great dancers but in those days all actors and actresses were trained in dance. Even Clark Gable did a tap number to Putin on the Ritz. It is on YouTube.

    Thanks for the much enjoyed break.

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