The frustrating thing about Senator Lindsey Graham (R, SC)… #rsrh

…is not that he does stuff like this:

It’s also not that he doesn’t do stuff like this a lot. Really, he’s been eating his Wheaties during the 111th Congress. It’s that you never know when he’s going to stop doing things like this.

That being said: nice work, Senator.

Moe Lane


  • SJ Reidhead says:

    Lindsey does this kind of thing all the time, probably the most consistent person in either the House or the Senate on the military, terror, supporting our troops. The problem is he never gets credit for it. This is standard Lindsey. Too bad no one ever bothers to notice it. They are so busy criticizing him for one or two other issues that his staunch support of this country, our security, and our military is never recognized.

    The Pink Flamingo

  • Joseph says:

    I knew Graham when he was just a lawyer from Seneca, SC, running for US Congress in SC-03.

    I believe that does the things that he does for an eventual Supreme Court nomination, whether from a GOP or Dem POTUS.

  • Joseph:

    You’re right. Lindsey does whatever is best for Lindsey. He’d love to be an eventual Supreme Court justice and he’s playing good cop and bad cop now hoping Obama will make him the next SecDef around the end of the year when Robert Gates has indicated he’ll resign.

    When Graham fights Obama on any issue, notice that it never reaches the point of having any real impact one wa or another. He’s making himself a real pain in the rear rhetorically but also holding out a carrot with cap and trade and willingness to push that despite today’s even further unraveling of the whole enviro-fascist movement with news from U of E. Anglia.

    Graham always wants to be in the middle of any deal while contributing nothing original to the deal itself. He only compromises on issues that he should be fighting the whole way. In the meantime, he progressively gives everything away. He’s always the defacto representative of the Democrats forcing the Republicans by hook or crook to give way on key issues.

    This is his pattern. He’ll never make a firm stand on anything but the status quo. He’s voted to keep Federal funding for abortion yet holds himself out to his constituents as the only hope to overturn Roe v. Wade. He keeps dangling that issue out like bait to keep the mind-numbed members of some organizations on his side.

    He’ll never follow through. He has no need to. He has no principles to stand on and only worries about what he looks like to the liberals in both parties when he’s on TV.

    Lindsey Graham is not a deep thinker. He is the political equivalent of a dumb blond. He’s a fading, little pretty boy who’s shown himself to all but the most obtuse and willfully blind to be a petty, political sycophant sucking any camera lens he can get his comb-over in front of.

    He may accidentally be on the right side every once in a while but he’s like a stopped clock in that regard–except he’s right only twice a year on a myriad of issues where the supreme law of the land never figures into his comprehension of proper government actions.

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