Joe Kennedy III out before he even started. #rsrh

Well, that was quick:

Joseph P. Kennedy III will not seek election to U.S. Rep. William Delahunt’s seat, the Barnstable assistant district attorney said in an interview.

Kennedy, 29, had been considering a run, but has decided to focus on gaining experience as a prosecutor instead.

“That’s true. Where I’m at right now is I’ve got a job that I love and a place that I enjoy,” he said.

(Via Jules Crittenden, via Instapundit.)  You know, I was going to work up something about how this isn’t a good time for a Democratic politician to give the impression that he or she is in any way an incumbent, and before I can even get started there goes Joe Kennedy III, nodding in agreement with me so fast that he’s leaving a breeze.

How the mighty have fallen.