Kill The Bill.

A triumphal progression for the Democratic party, this ain’t.

The scene above of Republican Congressmen recognizing the will of the Sovereign People of the United States absolutely infuriated Rep. Barney Frank, in that special blustering whiny way that he has. I get the impression that the poor fellow is somewhat unused to actual populism. And is also perhaps perturbed at the way that actual populism makes the ersatz kind that his party peddles look, well, chintzy…

Moe Lane

PS: Reconsider that vote, Rep. Frank. Because if you manage to push this debacle across the finish line tonight, you’ll be looking back fondly on this afternoon as being the last quiet, carefree day of the 111th Congress.

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  • diogeron says:

    It’s over. We finally have the same thing that every other first world nation has: universal, affordable, quality heath care. I am 64 and recall the debates on civil rights and medicare. The GOP will regret that their only contribution to this debate is “no.” This was the moral thing to do and, in the long run, will reduce the deficit if both parties can find the will to reign in the insurance industry who make $ off of denying health care.

  • Jeff Weimer says:

    We finally have the same thing that every other first world nation has: universal, affordable, quality heath care.

    If you believe that, they you have gained little wisdom in your 64 years.

    It’s not over, not by a long shot.

    The GOP had lots of ideas to input, but you seem to forget they were completely shut out, except for that “listening” meeting where the President talked longer than either party. Also, none of those “changes” made it in the bill. Funny, that. But to you, all they said was no.

    Gimme your money, now. I need it more than you do. According to you, that’s moral.

    Do you even know how much money the insurance industry makes off of their healthcare policies? average 2.2%. So they’re evil. Do you realize what will eventually replace that? Whole institutions and people, not just in insurance, but even whole hospitals who care nothing about efficiency and cost, but are now motivated by the desire to do as little as possible, since they don’t have to take any money in, anyway. I’m in the federal government, I know all about that. And the government WILL deny you healthcare, they don’t have to be responsive to you, if the cost/benefit ratio for a possible, say, heart bypass or even transplant does not meet requirements. Look around at all those other first world nations and you will see this every single day. In the healthcare utopia of Canada, for example, 18 months wait for a knee replacement. If you need two, another 18 months for the other one. People have died waiting for necessary surgery there that we currently, but soon no longer, can get within a week. And the “evil” profiteering insurance company pays for it.

    And frankly, I’m tired of people like you who want to take the fruits of other’s labor unnecessarily because it makes you feel better about yourself. Have you no shame, sir?

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