Why is Gov. Paterson (D, NY) flirting with impeachment?

Article I, Section 2, US Constitution:

When vacancies happen in the Representation from any State, the Executive Authority thereof shall issue Writs of Election to fill such Vacancies.


Henrietta, NY — Multiple Democratic sources now confirm that party chairs decided Monday night that Matthew Zeller is their candidate should a special election to replace Rep. Eric Massa take place.

As Jim Geraghty notes, there should be no ‘should’ here; the US Constitution is not ambiguous about the subject.  There is a vacancy in NY-2329 [OOPS!]: its citizenry have the Constitutional right to representation with all due speed; complaints may be directed to the former office holder. Subject closed.

I assumed that this report was simply an April Fool’s joke, but surely the governor is not seriously considering ignoring his mandated duty under the law?

Even if he is a Democrat?

Moe Lane

PS: Tom Reed is the GOP candidate for this district.

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