#rsrh Non-shoe bomber released.

Public service announcement, by the way: this guy came pretty close to what Charles Stross calls ‘auto-darwinating*.’   Don’t be this guy.

An envoy from Qatar who authorities said grabbed a surreptitious smoke in a jetliner’s bathroom and then joked about lighting his shoe on fire, sparking a bomb scare and the scrambling of military jets, has been released from custody.

No explosives were found on the Washington-to-Denver flight. Authorities speaking on condition of anonymity said they don’t think the envoy was trying to hurt anyone during Wednesday’s scare and he will not be criminally charged.

He’ll probably be PNGed, though: the administration will no doubt make sure of it.  After all, he was smoking.

On an airplane.

Moe Lane

*Making jokes about setting off bombs to people whose job it is to neutralize people who have bombs is contraindicated.



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