#rsrh Rossi in, Simmons out: the implications.

Rossi in

Dino Rossi, a two-time Republican nominee for governor in Washington, is set to announce, likely on Wednesday, that he is running for Senate, according to a G.O.P. official.

…and Simmons out.

Former Connecticut Rep. Rob Simmons announced Tuesday that he is suspending his campaign for Senate, just days after he lost the state Republican Party nomination to former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon.

Combine this with Dick Blumenthal’s ongoing meltdown – and add the White House’s decision to call Sestak a liar as a garnish – and the Senate suddenly becomes a bit more interesting. Back when Dodd dropped out, a lot of people more or less quietly conceded that the Senate simply wasn’t going to flip: even with Brown taking MA there just wasn’t a path to +10 R.  Now?  If WA shifts out of the safe seat category – and with Rossi in the race, it’s hard to see how it wouldn’t – and with CT’s GOP primary suddenly becoming very dull, I can now write a +10 R list.  I can even write a +10R list that doesn’t have California on it.

Still improbable?  Sure.  So was going -8 R in 2008.  What’s your point?

Moe Lane

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