Meet Elizabeth Emken (R CAND, CA-11).

The district is listed as competitive by Cook (R+1, Leans Democratic) and is one of the districts threatened by the infamous delta smelt. Elizabeth recently also made a Daily Beast list of 11 GOP women candidates to watch.

Elizabeth’s site can be found here.

Moe Lane

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  • Julie says:

    As a recipient of Ms. Emken’s nasty hit pieces in our mail it is amazing how she has managed to smear every other candidate but I have yet to know about her position on the national debt or national security. She did manage to point out in one of her mailers that one of her opponents is a Mormon. Unbelievable…..

    I certainly hope that not all the rising GOP “stars” are out of the same mold. There are plenty of other options in CA11 that will give Jerry a challenge.

    Mom in Danville CA

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