#rsrh David Brooks hates him some technocrats.

He’s very indignant about what’s happening with the Obamaspill right now.

If you talk to elected leaders from Louisiana to Florida, they fill your ears with tales of incompetence — of advice that was not heeded, of red tape stifling effective operations, of local knowledge that was cast aside and trampled.

He is so indignant about this, in fact, that if this was the only thing that David Brooks had ever wrote you would be forgiven for concluding that David Brooks did not spend the last election cycle helping to get elected President the man who is now busily mucking up coordinating the cleanup.  Which is, indeed, so mucked up that local governments are preemptively announcing that they’re not going to wait for the Feds to do to them what the Feds have done to Louisiana.

And, believe me, I can spend the next three paragraphs cataloging all the ways that the government has mucked and is mucking up up the Gulf recovery effort.  So it’d be nice if you mentioned from time to time just how big your lapse in judgment was in 2008, Brooks. Particularly since, if things had gone the other way, this crisis would have been a perfect match for THAT WOMAN’S skill set and experience.

And doesn’t experience matter, Brooks?

Moe Lane

PS: And not to be mean about it, Brooks, but our current crop of national officials are not really smart.  They’re just smart enough to give sanitized ‘conservatives’ like yourself the opportunity to talk yourself into taking an ‘opposition’ position that will not jeopardize your standing in the Beltway cocktail party circuit.

OK, so I am being mean about it.

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