*Finally*: e-books starting to come down in price.

So, the Kindle‘s now down to $189.  Not surprising: as I understand it, you need at least three viable choices of a service or product to get a price war going, and at this point there are apparently four.  So the price will probably go down some more.

I have to tell you: if (as per here and here) if people do offer a free Kindle (or other e-reader) as part of a Book-of-the-Month club deal that might be the tipping point for me.

3 thoughts on “*Finally*: e-books starting to come down in price.”

  1. Completely agree Moe. It’s why I haven’t purchased one yet. Blue Rays now offer DVD’s with the purchase. If book outlets would offer an ebook with a slightly higher priced hard copy, I would get one.

  2. The wifi-only Nook is also down to $149, or so an ad in my inbox claimed. I like my Kindle – the main problem for me now is that publishers haven’t yet figured out how to price ebooks sanely.

  3. The Kobo eReader that Borders is offering is only $150. I’ve gotten to fool around with one over the past few days, and it’s a pretty sleek (if basic) eReader device. Also, unlike the Kindle, it has an open source format, so you’re not tied to buying product from a single seller.

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