#rsrh Boehner declares bacon tasty…

…water wet, and that President Obama needs to fire his economic team.  Only in Washington, DC would something that would be such a blindingly obvious statement anywhere else in America be the subject of a press conference – and only in Dizzy City would it be something that needs a press conference, because otherwise the self-appointed elites who run the government right now wouldn’t even perceive it.

I mean, seriously.  Of course Obama needs to fire his economic team.  They suck at their jobs.  They promised us a ‘mere’ 8% unemployment in exchange for an unprecedented stimulus package: and then they proceeded to botch said stimulus package and have now locked us into 9.N% unemployment for the foreseeable future.  Not to mention deficits that are hard to even contemplate in any sort of meaningful way.  And then there’s the small-business killing time bomb set to explode in next year’s tax hikes… I could go on.  So, yes, please fire these people, Mr. President.  As for their replacements?

Try a phone book.

Moe Lane

[UPDATE]: See also Andrew Malcolm, complete with a surprisingly (and inexplicably) apropos picture of meerkats.

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