#rsrh NYT lays down a marker on Barry Jackson.

Via Instapundit and GayPatriot comes this thoughtful, considered look at a devoted Republican staffer with a towering reputation among his fellow Republicans and a well-deserved fearsome one among the Democrats.  Tough.  Resolute.  A man who can get things done.  A man of power, yet with a strong sense of duty and a passion for democracy…

What’s that?  Oh, I’m just doing what the New York Times is doing: preemptively buttering up on Barry Jackson,  who is shaping up to be the next Speaker of the House’s chief of staff.  It might get him to return my calls.

Now, where was I?  Oh yes… and he COOKS, too!  Cooks like unto a god…

Moe Lane

One thought on “#rsrh NYT lays down a marker on Barry Jackson.”

  1. It’s likely that he’s a fan of Army of Darkness as well, given that he likes to use the word “groovy” a lot.

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