#rsrh Sadness in LA-03.

Well, for given values of ‘sadness:’

Seeming to concede the race, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee doesn’t even list [Ravi] Sangisetty on its website outlining the races and candidates it’s tracking around the country.

A spokesman for the DCCC says no money is planned for the 3rd District so far.

It’s just kind of… weird.  The DCCC was all about the open seats a while back; sure, this is a R+12 district and everything, but there was a Democratic incumbent there who was popular enough to get him promoted all the way up to being the sacrificial lamb running against David Vitter in the Senate race.  They could have put some oomph behind this Sangisetty guy.  instead, they just – never even tried.

Is it the last name, I wonder?  I bet that it was the last name.

Moe Lane

PS: Jeff Landry for LA-03.

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