#rsrh A fascinating, yet needless, burger study.

(Via AoSHQ Headlines) Much as I appreciate the forcible insertion of scientific rigor into the left-wing religious fanaticism that is the Greenie movement, I found it somewhat superfluous to actually test whether a Mickey Dee’s hamburger molders at the same rate as regular burgers (the answer is, yes).  If they had, say, simply asked an employee (current or former*) of the Scotsman he or she would have readily told them that, yes, all this stuff decays.  That’s why every restaurant has a freezer and refrigerator; why stock is fanatically rotated and monitored; and why there are several deliveries per week instead of one large one.

Trust me, if the Golden Arches had the ability to keep the product from going bad at room temperature indefinitely they would take full advantage of it.  Keeping things cold costs money.

Moe Lane


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