#rsrh Glenn Reynolds is reading my mind…

…either that, or he’s just as cynical as I am in calling Charlie Rangel’s likely punishment a ‘wrist-slap.’  Sure, he was convicted on 11 of 13 ethics charges, but who here really expects expulsion?  Censure?  We’ll be lucky to see a reprimand… and, given the skeptical nature of the Hill article, it’s actually unlikely that the Democrats will either actually fine Rangel, or reduce his privileges.  And forget Rangel resigning, of course: if he was seriously considering it, the reliably Democratic shills over at CREW wouldn’t dare to offer the suggestion.  The Democratic Establishment: can’t live with them, pass the beer nuts.

Ach, well.  At least Rangel couldn’t bankroll candidates this election cycle.  That was something, at least.


  • Dan Irving says:

    I found it funny that he left becuase he citing, “I don’t have counsel to advise me,..”

    He has a law degree. Doesn’t that make him his own counsel. Of course I guess he couldn’t represent himself in good conscience if he knew he was guilty …

  • MCPO Airdale says:

    I’m sure the DNC will purchase a wrist wrap for Mr. Rangel so that he can recover from his punishment.

  • IJB says:

    Actually, Congressional Dems are in a bit of a bind on this one:

    – Be seen to be doing nothing, and the 2012 House GOP campaign ads write themselves (“They reelected Nancy Pelosi as leader! And then they did nothing to two members convicted of ethics violations!! CULTURE OF CORRUPTION!!!”)

    – Actually do something serious to Rangel (and Waters), and they risk turning the entire CBC against the Dem leadership.

    Darned if the do, darned if they don’t – couldn’t happen to a more deserving crew.

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