#rsrh QotD, Did He Stamp His Foot? edition.

James Clyburn (via Instapundit), speaking in full awareness that he is a long-haul Congressman who is secure in the knowledge that his party will frame any attempt to make his seat competitive as being an assault against civil rights:

“We’ve had some incidents where TSA authorities think that congresspeople should be treated like everybody else…”

Which, if true, is something to be marked in the TSA’s favor.  Still, I doubt anything of the sort has happened.  Unless you define “treated like everybody else” as “not literally kowtowing,” which I believe is not yet formally required procedure for dealing with Members of Congress.  Oh, wait: I forgot.  We threw out a lot of idiots last November who thought that it was.

Still: must be nice to be able to say whatever fool things come into your head without worrying about the consequences or context.  Bad for your long-term cognitive abilities, of course – but still, it must be nice.

Moe Lane

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