President to doom gun control.

President Obama’s going to be starting a push for “gun control” next month, sayeth insiders – which is a statement that would worry me more if the President hasn’t been a bit of a jinx at using the bully pulpit up to this point.  I’m trying – and failing – to come up with something where his “assistance” has been a net positive: all of the Democrats’ dubious legislative successes have been on the Congressional level thus far, and when it comes to skill at advocacy Obama, well, sucks. One wonders what the man hopes to accomplish.

And no, I don’t know what the heck “gun control” has to do with the economy, either.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

6 thoughts on “President to doom gun control.”

  1. It should nicely spike sales of guns, ammo and magazines again, so that will help the economy some. I know I need to stock up.

  2. Oh happy day!

    Now all those nasty semi-auto assault guns I’ve purchased over the years can now go on the for-sale block at prices crazy-inflated compared to the prices I paid.

    Maybe I can finally make some money on my guns.

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