#rsrh HuffPo: Crazy 9/11 Troofer hates GWOT, GOP.

Do tell, Dan Froomkin.  Do tell.  The aforementioned crazy 9/11 Troofer is one Paul Craig Roberts, who loves Ron Paul, loves Dennis Kuchinich, and hates the Jewcontrolledmilitaryindustrialcomplexoligarchyblahblahblah that openly runs the Republican party these days. But he was a “Reagan Republican,” which was apparently enough to have the metaphorical pants, ah, drop.

I have to say: it’s a shame that HuffPo realized its critical error so quickly.  I would have loved to see this show up on AOL.  The best part was this update (links to openly bigoted hate sites removed):

UPDATE: A reader notes that Roberts has also written several times that he does not believe the official explanations surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Roberts wrote an essay in 2006 espousing many of the so-called “Truther” beliefs, casting doubt on how the World Trade Center towers actually collapsed and raising the possibility of a military cover-up. Roberts defended those views in an email: “No real investigation has been done, and experts who raise points have simply been brushed aside or called ‘conspiracy theorists.’” He added that “until the ‘truthers’ are professionally answered, I will remain a 9/11 skeptic.” Roberts’ beliefs clearly raise questions about the soundness of his foreign policy views. He either should not have been cited in the piece or the article should have clearly noted his perspectives.

“Either?” Tsk, tsk, tsk. Also: note that without Roberts’ input there wasn’t a article in the first place; just a whine.

God, keep making my enemies ridiculous. Thanks!

Moe Lane

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  • A Z R says:

    Two comments in one day, I look like a stalker.

    But, I clicked the link and was greeted with this little nugget: “Indeed, our interventions have been massive humanitarian disasters.”

    Honestly, what the hell is wrong with these people?

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