#rsrh Phrase of the Day, Look At The Pretty Colors edition.

Mainlining schadenfreude.”


Moe Lane

PS: It’s still going to be a long, grinding recount process in Wisconsin.  But a seven thousand vote margin changes the dynamic.


  • Aruges says:

    The best part is that if Kloppenburg wants that recount, she’ll have to pay for it! The margin is big enough that it won’t be automatic. More Union money that won’t be spent in the recall elections or in Ohio. Love it.

  • Skip says:

    Republican election official hides enough votes so that the Democrats don’t know how many votes they need to manufacture to steal the election until it’s too late. I love it! Well played, Wisconsin Republicans, Well played.

  • techsan says:

    From MSNBC via The Nation. Not trying to pollute your database…but this interview is, well, comical given recent events. It’s interesting what 7,500ish votes out of 1,500,000 makes.

    Before today, Kloppenburg’s alleged win was a “remarkable mobilization in the streets”…a “lesson that ought to be learned in states like Ohio and Michigan and all the way up the political food chain to the White House”. As of now, I have to say I’m OK with the lesson they learned.

  • […] explaining that no, Waukesha County didn’t create 14,000 votes out of nowhere.  Which you already knew, because you saw the press conference where this was already explained, complete with the […]

  • Steve says:

    THANK MUCH for posting this! I’m very glad I found your blog!

    Common Cents

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