Petitions stolen from Recall Dave Hansen (D) office?

This is not what democracy looks like.

Allegedly, the burglars were after the petitions gathered to recall Dave Hansen, who was one of the Wisconsin Democratic senators who fled the state rather than participate in the democratic process. Which – if this was in fact done by Democratic party operatives or sympathizers – would merely demonstrate that Hansen is in fact fairly representative of his party, at that.

The good news is that the recall folks say that they still have enough signatures, so it should have no insurmountable effect on the recall process, but you can expect that local Democrats will try to wring as much advantage out of any disruption as possible. Whether or not the Democrats were actually involved – and if this story checks out, the Wisconsin Democratic party leadership will heartily regret it if any member traceable back to their party was actually involved; this is felony territory. Serious felony territory.

H/T: @diggrbiii.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Please note that in fact this is still an ‘alleged’ crime (although the news that the recall folks have enough signatures anyway argues that it in fact happened).


  • daveinboca says:

    The obscene libtards are already claiming that this is all an agent-provocateur caper set up by the GOP to make the RICO crime spree leftist criminals look bad…! Yeah, in Green Bay? I’m a native Wisconsinite with relatives in GB and the people in that town are typically honest midwesterners, except for the dudes who poisoned Packer Coach Devine’s dog[!!].

    No, this looks like a job by the criminal cadres in Dane County, where they still haven’t charged that ditzbag teacher who threatened to kill the entire GOP state senate online. The commissars of the U of Wisconsin’s sicko grads are behind this crime—and the criminal thug unions may have provided some of the expertise. Hope they’ve backed up either the names & addresses or the files in some other fashion. Llike the ads in Rush Limbaugh’s program recommend]

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  • dad29 says:

    Umnhhh, DaveinBoca….

    During the 2000 Presidential campaign, AlGore showed up in Green Bay to address the faithful. One pro-life protester also showed up with a sign, and stood at the back of the crowd in silence.

    Several members of the FireFighters’ Union–IIRC the Manitowoc branch—proceeded to beat the s&^% out of the pro-lifer.

    Don’t tell me that all those Up Nort’ folks are peaceable, kind, loving blabababalllbabllabba. That’s just not correct.

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