#rsrh QotD, Charming Naivete Edition.

Jim Geraghty’s usually more clear-headed than this (background here and here: essentially, the Democrats are apparently recruiting retired General Ricardo Sanchez for TX-SEN, which is kind of awkward, given how they kept accusing him of war crimes and everything):

it seems unlikely that Republicans would try to use the Abu Ghraib issue against Sanchez in a Senate election.

Um.  It’s Texas.  The place that came up with the Pigf*cker Gambit*.  Bringing up the inconvenient fact that the same people boosting Sanchez now are the same people braying for his blood during the Bush administration is a trivial exercise in comparison…

Moe Lane

*Supposedly, LBJ in a Congressional race one told his campaign manager to spread around the rumor that his opponent was a known, well, pigf*cker.  His campaign manager protested that LBJ himself knew that this rumor was blatantly untrue.  LBJ happily acknowledged that – but he wanted it done anyway, simply to get his opponent to publicly deny the charge.

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  • Don says:

    There is a great movie on Netflix called LBJ:The early years. It stars Randy Quaid and was remarkably harsh on both LBJ and the Kennedys. If half of what was in the movie is true, I do not doubt that Pigf*cker Gambit for one second.

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