#rsrh Are Cornell West & Chris Ledges fibbing?

I mean, seriously, if I was going to read a parody post of the “Drat that Obama for being insufficiently left-wing!” it’d read like this.  Down to the fake “Family/Clan/Brotherhood” ways of addressing people; I mean, seriously, folks.  That attempt to obfuscate the socioeconomic differences between angry populists and clueless intellectuals* was merely one of the many pernicious societal quirks that were largely wiped out by the Reagan Bomb.

Then again, we are talking about progressives.  They might really be that dumb.  In that case, I invite West & Ledge to watch this clip again:

…only, this time?  They should contemplate the notion that Spike Lee was talking to them.  Because, really… he was.

Have a nice day!

Moe Lane

*Typically either White ones, or MAWB-Whites.

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