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Having watched Soylent Green again recently*: sometimes it seems that the people most exercised over the entire ‘greenhouse gas’ thing seem to have completely forgotten what it is that we use greenhouses for.

Moe Lane

*A shaping-up-to-be-quite-comprehensively-wrong film which was based on Harry Harrison’s Make Room! Make Room! – a novel that was equally (and equally hysterically) wrong in its predictions.  I mention this largely because it is apparently required that we take seriously the predictions of 2010 for 2050… and ignore the pesky detail that the equally-dire predictions in 1970 or 1985 for 2010 (and increasingly-likely, 2020, or 2025) turned out to be, frankly, crap.  Not to mention the other pesky detail that in 2030 I’ll probably be able to write the same damn post about all those people out there fear-mongering 2070…

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