#rsrh Video of the day, Fred Thompson edition.

I had completely forgotten about this one until Jim Geraghty reminded me.


I’ve come to the conclusion that – nothing against CNN – but we need actual conservatives to moderate Republican debates.  Even when they mean well (and I think that more of ’em mean well then we generally give ’em credit for) liberal media folks simply don’t know how to ask the right questions that will demonstrate the difference between various Republican candidates.  From what I managed to see last night, they were trying to determine said differences… and failing.

Just saying, that’s all.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Video of the day, Fred Thompson edition.”

  1. Greg Gutfeld would be a better moderator than most of the clowns that pass for serious talking heads today.

    The NRC should make their own debates with their own Moderator(s?).

    Personally, I think we should invite a panel of several current Republican Governors that would grill the next person who wants to be the Republican nominee. We have enough of them that I’m sure we could fill a very interesting panel. Imagine it! Governors determining who is qualified to lead the union in the name of their party.

    I’m leaning towards a current or former governor as my choice but I have my eye on Herman Cain as a real break from the usual suspects. 2012 is going to be just as epic as 2010 was….I’m putting as much money as I can afford to on *that* bet.

  2. While you’re at it, please remind the Republican candidates that when they’re interviewed on camera by liberal broadcast “journalists” *cough* Katie Couric *cough* they should bring in their own camera crews and independently tape the entire interview.

  3. That was a compound question composed of two and he was correct not to answer it… just as I would direct a witness not to do so.

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