#rsrh Great Wisdom about political bumper stickers.

Via Mike of Cold Fury comes these extremely common sense observations on proper and pragmatic political bumper sticker use by Paul A. Ibbetson.  Mike likes #3 the best – and it’s good – but I have long mused myself on the truth that is #2:

Second, one political sticker on your car states your case; twenty stickers says you’re imbalanced. Also, the nature of your sticker says more about you, the vehicle owner, than your political affiliation. As a former police officer who made hundreds of car stops, I’ve seen that bumper stickers often say a lot about the character of the individual behind the wheel. Just like bumper stickers that say, “I love weed,” and “Got Magic Mushrooms?” might not enhance the quality of an interaction with the police, overly vulgar, aggressive and stupid political stickers say something about you. Remember, your mom might have to borrow that car.

Personally, I still have to put one particular bumper sticker on my car for 2012.  Mostly because I keep putting off washing the blessed thing.

Moe Lane


  • Skip says:

    Saw an interesting set last month here in Austin – Prius with a COEXIST bumper sticker (the religions one, not the operating systems one), and a 1-20-2013 sticker.

  • mriggio says:

    My one-and-only bumper sticker, prominently displayed; gets many comments, favorable, nasty and quizzical. Avenge me

  • Paul says:

    My formula for them has been;
    1= you have an opinion
    2= you are a fanatic
    3 or more= you have some serious issues

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