#rsrh Stimulus money ‘stimulating’ ‘diversity’ in Nebraska.

There’s a lot that can be said about this article about how stimulus funds were spent to buy Omahan teachers all copies of a book that effectively argues that Everything’s The Fault Of Dead White Guys*, but little that is new, entertaining, or not exasperated at the fundamental insecurity that lurks in the hearts of your average guilty-minded cultural diversity worshiper. So I’ll just have a laugh at this:

Asked last week if she believes white privilege exists in Omaha, [School Board President Sandra] Jensen said: “That depends on the cultural lens that one looks through.”

Translation: Yes, I do believe that, but I’m too chicken[expletive deleted] to say so. I mean, come on. I’m surrounded by Nebraskans, here!

Or something to that effect.
Moe Lane

*Please, by all means.  Complain about my flippant categorization of what was one of the silliest religions to have cropped up in the Twentieth Century.  Link to me… hold up:

OK, now link to me.

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